Chocolate-covered Bacon

It’s something that I haven’t been to since the third grade. It’s something slightly trashy and wonderful at the same time. This event manages to take all things shamelessly “Indiana,” amp them up as much as possible, and put them on display in an agricultural circus for a couple of weeks at summer’s closing.

The fair! This year it is from August 7-23. That’s a really good portion of the month. The fair’s logic is “more days, more fun!” I won’t question. Earlier tonight, as Brittney and I scanned over tomorrow’s fair itinerary we got especially excited about a few events.

Noon: Acrobat show
4pm: Lumberjack Show

*This was the kicker. We had to get a visual:

Awe-struck for sure. B and I called up some friends to propose spectating and got mostly positive feedback. Lauren replied with, “Racing pigs? Do I want to participate?” “No,” B said, “Just watch.” 

There is a race at 7pm tomorrow evening, and we plan on leaving a bit early to ensure front row status. The pig hype led me to research later on.

Interesting fair facts:
-Indiana was the sixth state to have a state fair, established in 1851. Way ahead of our time.
-During the civil war, the fairgrounds were used a prisoner camp for captured confederates. Fairs were canceled during these years.
-Tomorrow, Kelly Clarkson will be performing. I would rather have checked out some of the former acts, i.e. the Beatles, the Jackson 5, Perry Como, Johnny Cash or Bruce Springsteen.
-This year has been declared ‘Year of the Tomatoes’ at the fair, but the most popular treats hint that its just another year of fun obesity.

Chocolate-covered bacon, or ‘Pigs in the mud,’ has been a “surprising success” according to an WLFI article, followed by the Pizza Cone, which “allows fair goers mobility while enjoying their favorite treat.” A perfect alternative if you are too embarrassed to stroll with your deep-fried pizza.

Pizza Cone.

Pizza Cone.

Final fact: The Indiana State Fair has gained press for being the first in the nation to ban trans fat from cooking oils. Check out this lead from a 2007 NPR article:

“A deep-fried Twinkie is far from a healthy food choice. But this year, the treat has come one small step closer to not giving you a heart attack on the spot — at least in Indiana.”

I’m swelling with pride! But kind of nervous.. I really hope they haven’t banned high-roller gambling on swift piggies. I’m feeling lucky.


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