GOOD all around.

Here’s an interesting narrative graphic from my favorite magazine and a designer that I’ve been researching today – Nigel Holmes.

Holmes was born in England and graduated from The Royal College of Art. But in 1977, he took a turn when Time Magazine hired him to work in New York. During an era when publications struggled to create graphics without computers, Holmes became an expert at visual communication.

After 16 years at Time, Holmes left to create his own graphic design firm. Simply titled Explanation Graphics, the business has an impressive client list including Apple, Visa, and Nike.

No surprise that the guru teamed up with GOOD magazine. The publication has stellar information graphics. Each issue contains diagrams that expose the hidden infrastructures of our everyday lives.. many of them illogical and damaging.

GOOD doesn’t just map out the problems, it also shows us how simple it is to stop being a jerk. Visuals aside, GOOD (‘For people who give a damn’) continues to kick ass by being recycled and donating 100% of subscription profits to the world-bettering organization of your choice.

No harm in looking.


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