Time revives California’s image

Unemployment. Wildfires. Marijuana… Has California become a lot of bums lost in a cloud of smoke?

If the public has been following recent headlines about the state, it might be left wondering. Fortunately, last week’s issue of TIME set the record straight.

“Ignore the California whinery. It’s still a dream state,” wrote Michael Grunwald in his article, ‘Despite Its Woes, California’s Dream Still Lives.’

Glory is restored through an interview with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a reality check about the state’s economy (Yes, it has the most layoffs, but does anyone remember how huge California is? It also has the most homes and jobs) and an impressive list of California-bred concepts: freeways, energy efficiency, health clubs, Google, Myspace, eBay…

That’s right. Whether you love it or not, do not doubt the Sunshine State. California stands as a place to turn to when we get that fever to chase a dream.. our own gold rush. It is the embodiment of possibility.

“The beauty of California is the idea that you can reinvent yourself and do something totally creative,” says Kogi’s Roy Choi, a former chef at the Beverly Hilton. “It’s still the Wild West that way.”California_state_flag



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