CNN covers Obama & Afghanistan equally

President Obama announced his plan to stabilize Afghanistan earlier tonight. There will be 30,000 troops deployed within six months to hasten the process of trusting the nation on its own. Hopefully, within three years most troops will leave Afghanistan for good.

It’s a tough pill to swallow for some Americans. Especially when we don’t understand this faraway war that has been dragging on for eight years. However, CNN makes it clear that Afghanistan people are not to blame. In fact, we might have more in common with them than we think. On the network’s front web page, right beside the full story on Obama’s speech, there is a video feature titled ‘The battle for Afghan hearts and minds.’

“I want all the coalition authorities and all our brothers to reconcile with the Taliban, so we can solve this problem,” said Khan Mohammad, an Afghan farmer. “Make everyone happy and bring peace to our country so we can go back home.”

I’m sure both countries can agree on this last statement. Kudos to Obama for trying to work quickly towards this goal.


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