Christmas in the media

Since Thanksgiving ended, there have been all kinds of reports trying to judge whether Cyber Monday or Black Friday drew more sales this year. But do consumers really care about these conflicting statistics? We each have our own preferences for shopping. And I doubt anyone is on Team Monday or Team Friday. Everyone is just on Team Get it the Hell Done.

Personally, I’m a online window shopper. I prefer to be shown what crazy products are out there before I stand in line at 4 a.m. The internet is where its at to find the most ridiculous holiday ideas of the season. Here are some gems I found today:

Presents for your pet (Boston Globe)

Pick your geek gift (MSNBC)

Pretty and practical gifts for the home (The Washington Post)

10 best travel gifts under $30 (ABC)

A timeline of the top-selling Christmas gifts… ever. (Esquire)

39 gifts we don’t want (Marie Claire)

Alright, maybe I got a little carried away with this one. But judging by the amount of gift idea compilations on the web, who doesn’t??


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